I have co-instructed a research practicum in which undergraduate students used administrative data from the King County and Seattle Housing Authorities to examine the residential mobility patterns and neighborhood characteristics of households using housing choice vouchers in King County, WA. I have also instructed an introductory statistics course and assistant taught social science research methods (including additional statistics courses) and the sociology of education. This summer (2018), I will teach a new course, A Sociology of Housing in the U.S.

Advancing educational equity is a core concern of my teaching philosophy. I practice an inclusive pedagogy that considers a range of perspectives and learning styles. For example, I often offer multiple ways to arrive at results, incorporate student interests and expertise into my lesson plans, collaborate with them to develop classroom expectations, and make myself available outside of class. When mentoring students, I focus on developing the skills to succeed academically and connecting them with professional development opportunities when possible (and desired).